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About Paritätische NRW

Paritätische NRW (Parity NRW) is a large charity in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is denominational and independent of any political party and is the umbrella for thousands of organisations, facilities and services from all fields of social work. This includes nurseries, women’s refuges, youth centres, old people’s homes and care services, as well as a wide range of services for people with disabilities. In addition, there are a number of advice centres, for example, for refugees, homeless people, pregnant women, drug addicts, LGBTTI*, unemployed people or families who need help bringing up their children.

Tolerance, openness and diversity

Paritätische NRW does not provide these facilities and services itself. That is done by its member organisations. They work independently. Some of them are large; some are small. Some have been established for a long time; others have only just been founded. The member organisations are as colourful as the association itself. This diversity is what makes up Paritätische NRW and differentiates it from other charities. However, they all have one thing in common: tolerance, openness and diversity forms the basis of their actions. Right-wing populism or stereotyped thinking has no place in the Paritätische. Together with its member organisations, the Paritätische advocates social justice and takes the side of people who have no lobby.


Role of the association

Members of Paritätische NRW give advice to member organisations, assure the quality of their work and represent their interests when dealing with policy-makers and sponsors. They also support people who want to establish an association, for example, migrant organisations (page only available in German) or who want to get involved in voluntary work.


Self-help and civic action

Paritätische is the association for self-help and civic action. Many of its member organisations are formed even today from social movements. Because people see a need and take action themselves. Paritätische gives them a start-up and guides them on their way. This often leads from a spontaneous initiative to a professionally led organisation, sometimes with several facilities and services.

Self-help brings people together who are in a similar life situation or, for example, have the same illness. They share their experiences with each other and support one another. Paritätische NRW’s self-help points of contact  (page only available in German) provide help in finding a self-help group or in setting one up.


Facility search

Paritätische NRW offers a facility search on this website. Using this search, you can find a certain facility, for example, a nursery or advice centre in a certain town. The facility search is only available in German.